Whats new in SQL Server 2012 Execution Plans

Execution plans show you what’s going on behind the scenes in SQL Server. They can provide you with a wealth of information on how your queries are being executed by SQL Server, including: • Which indexes are being used, and where no indexes are being used at all. • How the data is being retrieved,

Columnstore Index Support and SQL Server 2012

Columnstore indexes and batch-query execution mode are deeply integrated in SQL Server 2012, and they work in conjunction with many of the Database Engine features found in SQL Server 2012. For example, database administrators can implement a columnstore index on a table and still successfully use AlwaysOn Availability Groups (AG), AlwaysOn failover cluster instances (FCI),

Scalability and Performance Enhancements in SQL Server 2012

The SQL Server product group has made significant modifications to the existing SQL Engine to improve scalability and Performance associated with the SQL Server Database Engine. Some of the main enhancements that allow organizations to improve their SQL Server workloads include the following: Columnstore Indexes More and more organizations have a requirement to deliver Breakthrough

Get Object Names Based on Parameter

If we now the parameter name and want to know the Objects using that parameter then in that case we can use the below stored procedure to retrive the Object Names /*********************************************************************** * Author : V.U.M.Sastry Sagi * Date   : 11/16/2011 * Purpose: Returns all Objects including SPs and Functions based on            given parameter