Author: Uma Mahesh

Session Threats and Counter Measures

Session management for Web applications is an application layer responsibility. Session security is critical to the overall security of the application. Top session management threats include: ● Session hijacking ● Session replay ● Man in the middle Session Hijacking A session hijacking attack occurs when an attacker uses network monitoring software to capture the authentication

ASP.Net Session State Issue with HTTPHandler

When you are using ASP.Net Sessions and try to utilize HTTPHandler you will face Issues with Session State. some time you will get page break issues as well. To avoid the issues with HTTPHandlers you need to understand the SessionState Marker Interface. The System.Web.SessionState namespace supplies classes and interfaces that enable storage of data specific

CAPM & PMP Practice Questions – Set 2

1. Reserve Analysis a technique not used in: A. Estimate Costs B. Estimating Activity Duration C. Control Costs D. Determine Budget Answer: C Explanation: Reserve Analysis: Many cost estimators include reserves, also called contingency allowances, as costs in many schedule activity cost estimates. Reserve Analysis a technique not used in Control Costs. 2. A Project

CAPM & PMP Practice Questions – Set 1

Hi Guys, I am starting posting CAPM & PMP Practice Questions with answers and some of them will have explanation as well. This Series will have 125+ sets. Each set consists of 25 Questions. Hope you will Enjoy the Series. 1. The inputs of the Performance Reporting process include all of the following except for