Author: Uma Mahesh

Single Sign On Implementation

Most of today’s sites require users to undertake a registration process to allow the site owners to keep in touch with, or offer services to, those visitors. Building up a user base like this requires patience and dedication. Offer a new service or a new Website, however, and, typically, you’ll need to start your user

A Look into Web.Config

Applications of XML have been integrated into .NET to such an extent that XML is hardly a buzzword anymore. Microsoft, as you probably know, has taken XML into the core of its .NET framework. Not only is XML a generally accepted format for the exchange of data, it’s also used to store configuration settings. Configuration

IComparable vs IComparer

In .NET some of the collection types such as Array, ArrayList, List<T> expose the Sort method that allows you to sort the collection. In order for those classes to sort the collection, there has to be a way for them to somehow compare objects with each other. The most basic Sort method usually does not

MSIL De-Compiler Working Mechanism

Introduction Welcome to my journey of writing a .NET assembly de-compiler. First of all I’ll try to develop a theory to decompile MSIL. I just do whatever a MSIL instruction ask me to do. But I do it keeping in mind that I am decompiling MSIL. So when it asks to push me a value

Learning LINQ Part-2

LINQ (Language INtegrated Query): 1) LINQ is a technique for querying data. 2) We can easily retrieve data from any object that implements the IEnumerable<T> interface using LINQ. 3) LINQ supports IntelliSense and objects are strongly type-safe on the other hand SQL queries are not.  LINQ Types: LINQ to Object LINQ to ADO.Net   LINQ to