Learning LINQ Part-2

LINQ (Language INtegrated Query): 1) LINQ is a technique for querying data. 2) We can easily retrieve data from any object that implements the IEnumerable<T> interface using LINQ. 3) LINQ supports IntelliSense and objects are strongly type-safe on the other hand SQL queries are not.  LINQ Types: LINQ to Object LINQ to ADO.Net   LINQ to

Learning LINQ Part-1

Introduction LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is a programming model that introduces queries as a regular programming concept into .NET Languages. LINQ syntax is more semantic and self explanatory. It provides a simple but most powerful environment to the developer by reducing code size. LINQ can access data from several data sources like Plain .NET Objects

Cloud Computing Basics

Introduction Hi guys, As per the saying “Thousand miles journey starts with a single step” I want to put my first step in the cloud computing journey with this Blog. Since Huge Titans involved in the market to win the cloud computing domain with their own strategies there are so many discrepancies in the definition