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Design Pattern Interview Questions & Answers

Design patterns represent the best practices used by experienced object-oriented software developers. Design patterns are solutions to general problems that software developers faced during software development. These solutions were obtained by trial and error by numerous software developers over quite a substantial period of time. What is Gang of Four (GOF)? In 1994, four authors

Javascript Coding Interview Questions & Answers

1. What is the output of below code var car = new Vehicle("Honda", "white", "2010", "UK"); console.log(car); function Vehicle(model, color, year, country) { this.model = model; this.color = color; this.year = year; = country; } 1: Undefined 2: ReferenceError 3: null 4: {model: “Honda”, color: “white”, year: “2010”, country: “UK”} Answer Answer: 4 The