Author: Uma Mahesh

Execute As Clause

In SQL Server you can define the execution context of the following user-defined modules: functions (except inline table-valued functions), procedures, queues, and triggers. By specifying the context in which the module is executed, you can control which user account the Database Engine uses to validate permissions on objects that are referenced by the module. This

WCF Configuration from Novice to Ninja Series Part 2

In today’s blog I am going to explain basicHttpContextBinding. The configuration for basicHttpContextBinding looks like below. If we observe the Configuration of basicHttpBinding and basicHttpContextBinding the configuration is absolutely same. BasicHttpBinding defines a binding used by WCF to configure and expose endpoints which provide compatibility with ASMX based services and clients, or to any other

WCF Configuration from Novice to Ninja Series Part1

I had observed hard time for developers in playing with the WCF Configurations. So I had decided to provide the WCF Configurations in detail for each kind of Bindings. In this article I would like to cover basicHttpBinding Configuration settings. <basicHttpBinding> <!-- Binding Section Starting Point --> <binding allowCookies="Boolean" bypassProxyOnLocal="Boolean" closeTimeout="TimeSpan" envelopeVersion="None/Soap11/Soap12" hostNameComparisonMode="StrongWildCard/Exact/WeakWildcard" maxBufferPoolSize="Integer" maxBufferSize="Integer"

Merge GridView Cells

In this example i am going to describe how to Merge GridView Cells Or Columns In Gridview Rows Using C# and VB.NET in ASP.NET Containing Same Data or content. For this i m using DataBound Event of gridview, counting total rows and then checking each cells value against value of same cell in previous row and then

DataTableReader in ADO.NET

Introduction This article explores the concept of using DataTableReader in the place of SqlDataReader and DataTable, also explains the methods of creating, reading and using the DataTableReader in the web applications. In this fast and furious world, everyone needs everything to be faster. Once upon a time Pentium MMX was considered as faster system, but