Author: Uma Mahesh

Cloud Governance

It’s undeniable that access to the cloud has made life, and running a business, exceptionally convenient. Want to collaborate on a document with your team members across the globe? Done. Eager to offer your customers an always up-to-date budgeting app? Done. A seemingly infinite number of television shows and films at your fingertips? Done and

Cloud Architecture Review Board

Cloud architectures are complex systems with many moving parts and numerous stakeholders.  While a clear roadmap and strategy can help keep your infrastructure organized, without a dedicated governing body to take ownership of the system and all its processes as a whole, it will be difficult (if not impossible) to keep your cloud operations aligned

Architecture Compliance Reviews

An Architecture Compliance review is a scrutiny of the compliance of a specific project against established architectural criteria, spirit, and business objectives. A formal process for such reviews normally forms the core of an Enterprise Architecture Compliance strategy. Purpose The goals of an Architecture Compliance review include some or all of the following: First and

Architecture Compliance – Terminology

A key relationship between the architecture and the implementation lies in the definitions of the terms “conformant”, “compliant”, etc. While terminology usage may differ between organizations, the concepts of levels of conformance illustrated below should prove useful in formulating an IT compliance strategy. Irrelevant The implementation has no features in common with the architecture specification

Domain Services: The Next Evolution of Microservices

The microservices era has been good for software architecture. I remember when the idea of multiple databases was punishable by death. But, the over-focus on micro has detracted from the true benefits of microservices which are about improving the quality and speed of development. Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen organizations referring to microservices as Domain