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Architecture Compliance – Terminology

A key relationship between the architecture and the implementation lies in the definitions of the terms “conformant”, “compliant”, etc. While terminology usage may differ between organizations, the concepts of levels of conformance illustrated below should prove useful in formulating an IT compliance strategy. Irrelevant The implementation has no features in common with the architecture specification


Monorepository is a hot topic at the table. Though the concept first appeared about a decade ago, it took so many years for this tool to evolve at a large scale. You would be amazed to know that Google was among the very first companies that embraced this approach along with all its downsides. A

Scaling Software Architectures

We live in an age where massive scale, Internet-facing systems like Google, Amazon, Facebook and the like are engineering icons. They handle vast volumes of requests every second and manage data repositories of unprecedented size. Getting precise traffic numbers on these systems is not easy for commercial-in-confidence reasons. Still, the ability of these sites to